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Wells Noonan

Hi, My name is Wells. I have a 5 year old girl who is 9 mos. out from her last chemo treatment. she has been in remission for a year from Rabdomyosarcoma. Thank God.. My cousin katy Judd passed your mission and info on to me. I have a pit in my tummy...I tried to read your diary but it was too painful. It took me right back to my days with Emma's illness and the fear I am cunsumed with on a daily basis today. My heart is so sad for you and your entire family..especially Jack. please kiss him on the for head for me. I will tell everyone I know and who is a member of Emma's website to help you in your fight for a cure and pray. Its so sad how our goverment spends less then 8 cents on every child who is diagnosed fighting to find a cure!!! our children are our future..we need more....Emma and I will pray for you and Jack....bless you...


Wells Noonan

Hi, My name is Wells. I have a 5 year old girl who is 9 mos. out from her last chemo treatment. she has been in remission for a year. Thank God.. My cusin katy Judd passed your mission and info on to me. I have a pit in my tummy...I tried to read your diary but it was too painful. It took me right back to my days with Emma's illness and the fear I am cunsumed with on a daily basis today. My heart is so sad for you and your entire family..especially Jack. please kiss him on the for head for me. I will tell everyone I know and who is a member of Emma's website to help you in your fight for a cure and pray. Its so sad how our goverment spends less then 8 cents on every child who is diagnosed fighting to find a cure!!! our children are our future..we need more....Emma and I will pray for you and Jack....bless you...


Amie Fanning

Hi Ed

Let me know if you get this.

Pam Hoey

Words can't express the tears in my eyes!! Jack is lucky that he has the love and dedication of his parents which makes him shine thru his pain..
He'll be in our prayers everyday!
Pam Hoey

ps Sentient Jet is lucky to have Ed as part of their team!

Jim Kahn

Our thoughts and prayers are with you...he is lucky to have you two as his parents!

Cal & Velma

Jack we are praying for you and that you will beat this.
Love you!!!!



Kathryn J. Conway

I am a relative of Bridgie Dawson. I am including Jack and all of you in my prayers. I contribute to the pediatric cancer fund through the Dauke Dawson site. I will keep posted on Jack's progress throuconwaygh Bridgie.
Judy Conway

Andrea (Pasquariello) Howard

Hi Diane,
I just wanted you to know that I think of you and your family often. Your website is wonderful. Jack is an inspiration to anyone who has had to deal with this horrible illness. I will keep you all in my prayers.

The Roths

We are friends of the Dawsons and we wanted to let you know we have added Jack and your entire family to our prayer list. God bless

Moira Carroll

I got the address from Dukes page - and I hear Bridget talk about Jack all the time. Jack is a gorgeous boy all my prayers go out to him and your family thru all this. Moira

Amy Sawyer

Hi Dianne and Ed, You guys are always in our prayers, we think of you constantly. You are truly amazing people. Amy and Dave

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

Hi Jack, we are with you every step of the way buddy. Gm&GP will be there soon and so will Donald Duck. He misses you and can't wait to see you. All your Arizona family is pulling for you so be strong.
Love you
GM&GP Lynch

Vicki Goodman

Dear Lynch Family:
I came to your site from Duke Dawson's care page. We will keep Jack and your family in our prayers.

Sabrina's mom

I read about Jack's story from the local newspaper. My heart hurts from reading your most recent diary...
We live in North Andover so please let us know if there is anything we can do for Jack and your family.
Our prayers are with your family.

From Mother of a two-year old girl, Amy

uncle jarrod

Jack, hey buddy boy take care this week and be brave and strong. We are sending good vibes to you and love you very much. Tell your mom and dad to hang in there as well. say Hi to Aidan and Nicole for us. Murphy and Dillon are sending you a big suprise....xoxoxox
Minnesota Lynches

uncle jarrod

Jack, hey buddy boy takecare this week and be brave and strong. We are sending good vibes to you and love you very much. Tell youmom and dad to hang in there as well. say Hi to Aidan and Nicole for us. Murphy and Dillon aresending you a big suprise....xoxoxox
Minnesota Lynches

Peggy, Tommy, Ryan and Matthew

Hey Guys-

Was thinking about you guys so went to the best place for a "check in" and bummed to hear Jack is back in the hospital. Hang in there buddy! We will send you some photos. Love Always-

Ali Chambers

Hi all, Phil and I are thinking of you and sending positive energy and thoughts your way. Much love and strength.

Kris Keegan

Dear Ed, Diane, Jack and Aiden, I have just read the latest and my heart aches for Jack and you all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you each and every day. - Kris, Gil and Teddy

Marty P. Lerner

So sorry to hear the latest news on Jack. I know he will continue to fight. Our prayers are with your family.

Marty, Alan and Alexa Lerner

cooki in cincinnati

Thinking of you all. If you need anything let us all know.
Walking again in the Relay for Life in honor of Jack!

Regina H.

Jack, you are a beautiful child and no doubt a strong one as well. I have come across your site while looking at info about my daughters upcoming 'Make-a-Wish' trip. She's 5 years old and spent most of last year fighting cancer,too. She had a Wilms Tumor and still goes to St. Jude Hospital to get checked-out. I hope and pray that all will go well for you. I was touched by alot of what I read here and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please take care.


Hi Jack!

You rule.

I met your dad very briefly while I was working at the Frankel Sports Marketing Group and then my boss (when I worked at the USOC knew him too). I have been following your story and I am sending positive vibes and hugs to you!!

Kim Swift

Hi Lynch's, I just read your update, sorry to hear that your back in the hospital. I know that stinks. Dianne if there is anything you need or feel like some company, please let me know. Tell Jack that Madison and Laci say HI. Love Kim


Hi Lynchs! I've been thinking about you so much lately. Went to Jerusalem last week and left some prayers for you at the Wailing Wall. Hope all is going as well as possible...


Hey Jack! I am in the Bahamas right now and I went and saw all the sharks and fish this weekend. One special fish told me to say hi to you- Nemo! I hope to see you soon. Miss and Love you.

Heidi Kilcoyne

Dianne & Ed,
Just read your update. Best wishes for the upcoming months. Enjoy your vacation in Arizona. Sounds like fun for all of you. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you! Happy birthday to all!

peter fasano

hi guys how are you, i hope all is well,i have read your latest and see that things are a little bumpy your story and the way you told jack of his problems made me cry and remember when we were in your situation, i have to tell you that peter is 10 years out of it and just celebrated his 13th b-day, happy birthday to you ed your child and his illness will define you and what you and your family will become i still to this day can not find a good reason for peter to get his sickness and i am far away from it now but a will tell you that it has changed me for ever and how i look at things, my 3 children are the world to me and when something is out of your hands you feel helpless you guys are so strong and have alot of people surrounding you keep your heads up and we all have your back jack, love the fasano,s


Hello Dianne & Jack!
I havent seen you guys in so long. How have things been? Me, I'm hanging in there of course. Dianne, if you every wanna just talk please dont hesitate to call.I love guys! Take Care!
Love Diamond

Uncle Jarrod

Jack and Aidan, Thank you for having me to your house this weekend. I had so much fun playing hide n seek, chase and cars. Jack, be strong this week in the clinic, I know it's going to be a tough week so hang in there and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you this week and always. Murphy and Dillon can't wait to see you in April. xoxoxox

Jenny Dalo

Hey guys. Happy birthday Jack I am sorry I missed it, things were crazy around here. I just wanted to let you all know how much I miss you guys, I miss playing sink and float, at least then you don't get any crazy looking bruises! Well, I hope you are enjoying the new games in the clinic. Happy Valentines Day and good luck, I know Larry will try his hardest to keep you safe. Love Jenny

Minnesota Lynches

Hey Jack, We hear you have a bunch of snow at your house! how fun!! Hope all is well and God Bless you. We can't wait to see you in Arizona in April. Murphy and Dillon can't wait to play with you and Aidan. We love you.


Saw this -, if you have free time


Saw this -, if you have free time

The Lewis Family

Hi Jack, Just wanted to say we hope you had a super birthday party!! Next is Dad's!! Tell mom and dad we are thinking about them.
Love Maddy Lewis and Family




Saw this,, if you have free time

The Lewis Family

Hi Jack, Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!! I am sure mom and dad have a great day planned for you!!

Amy Sawyer

Hi Jack,

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day.

Lauren Menkes

Happy Birthday Jack!!

Peggy, Tommy, Ryan & Matthew

Hey Jack-

Happy Birthday!! You had another challenging year-but you pulled through like the star that you are! We hope you have a wonderful birthday and you do something really fun! See you soon. Love your friends in NY!

The Lewis Family

Dear Diane and Ed, Thank you for the update. We think of you all everyday and hope that things are going the best they can for you all. A very happy birthday to the boys!! Tell Ed not to feel to bad about 40, I am getting to the 5 number, but it is a secret. Our love and prayers to you always. And as you know if there is anything at all we can do, please call. The Lewis Family

Dave Salmon

Hey Jack i was so happy to hear that you were in school.. just a word of advice little man. steer clear of all those girls and don't forget they have cooties. good luck Jack (mom and dad too)you are always in my prayers.

Diane McHugh

Hi Diane,

This is Diane McHugh. I met you at the parent meeting yesterday. I am TJ's mom. Just wanted to let you know what a great web site this is. We are sending lots of prayers to your family. I'm sure we will see you in clinic. I am looking forward to meeting Jack.


Jack may God bless you every day!

Kathy Tobin

Congratulation on your first day of school! We were so excited to hear the great news. We think of you often and keep you in our prayers.

Kathy, Amanda & Timmy



Just read your update. Congratulations on your first day of school! Hope you had a good time.
Love-Shannon, Kerry and Nugget

PS- We are sending you some fun Nugget the dog pictures soon. We have been meaning to send them FORVER!

Paula Taylor

I just read the latest update - I was so happy to hear Jack was able to go to school last week! So exciting! We are always thinking of you all, hope you are doing well and we can't wait to see you soon. Love, Paula and Ryan

Eileen Ward

I'm so thrilled for Jack attending his first day of school, and for you guys too! What a great update, thanks for bringing a huge smile to my face today!!!! Thinking of you always! -Eileen

The Lewis Family

Dear Diane and Ed, I am so happy that Jack enjoyeed his first day at school!! It must have been so exciting for him. We had hope to maybe see you sometime over the holidays, but know how hectic your schedule has been. Would love to get together with you and maybe go out to dinner. Jilly and Maddy can come and babysit. Our love to you all. The Lewis Family

Natalie Smith

I read your story, and it broke my heart. There is nothing more heart breaking than a child with cancer. Jack and your family are in my prayers, good luck and god bless!

The Smith Family
Sean, Natalie, & Abby
Columbus, OH

mark p

hi jack how r u doing? will u send the picture of me with my head painted ok just saying hi talk to u guys soon bye

Tom & Sue Lamb

Got the website address from Aimee again. Boy you guys are busy. Disney is even magical for 15 & 17 year olds!! Great pictures of the boys! Would love a late Christmas card. Got a card from your mom...nice to hear from her again. Hope Phil and Jarrod are well too. We think about you a lot, and are always in our prayers! Love, Tom and Sue

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

We would like to thank you all for the thoughts and prayers expressed in our Grandson Jack's guestbook. The outpouring of prayers,thoughts and good wishes are greatly appreciated.
Jack is God's miracle child as proven by his uplifting spirit that is a inspiration to us all. Ed&Dianne are the most special people we have ever met and thank God for their inspiration for all parents. God Bless you all and have a great New Year.
GM&GP Lynch

The Lewis Family

Hi Lynch Family, What a wonderful time we had last night when we visited the Holiday Light Show in Tewksbury, Maddy in tow with two friends and a mom, loved the hole set up!! We especially liked Santa's helicopter! Maddy's favorite was showing everyone her picture with Jack, she was so proud!! God Bless, The show was great! Love, Cathy


OK! I have officially fallen in love with this little boy! I was scanning through tv channels and happen to come across the story of the millions of lights on that house.... then the story continued and i melted.

Jack you are a little fighter my dear, and definitely cute as anything I have ever seen.

Keep strong and keep fighting my little man. Everything happens for a reason.

Keep that smile on ALWAYS!

William, Dina & Children

Dear Jack,

Happy holiday! We hope you feel better! We saw your story at NECN yesterday. We are sending a little something in the mail for you. We will pray that you you will feel better. Take care.

The Inchocos

Cheryl Falletti

Your child is so precious, my thoughts are with you, I can't imagine what you must be going through,I hope Jack is doing better and I will be sending you some money, I'm not rich but certainly want to try to help you both and Jack. I am a nurse , so I know somewhat about his condition, God love you!!

Cheryl Falletti

Your child is so precious, my thoughts are with you, I can't imagine what you must be going through,I hope Jack is doing better and I will be sending you some money, I'm not rich but certainly want to try to help you both and Jack. I am a nurse , so I know somewhat about his condition, God love you!!

Jamie Geadreult

Hello, I was watching the news and saw the very touching story of little Jack. This year I lost both of my parents to cancer. Such an experience has changed my life. The loss of my parents was expeted so we learned to except it, not to say that it was easy. I really hope Jack can be strong and defeat this so he too can tell his story and help others to continue the fight. Please give Jack my best wishes, he will be in my prayers. I hope you all will have a great holiday.

-From the heart- Jamie

donna dennis

Have a Merry Christmas, we send our love and prayers to your family.

Leigh Gillespie

I just saw your story on NECN, it really touched my heart. I have a 3.5 year old Jack too... Our Jack is sending your Jack a check and a Christmas present.
Merry Christmas,
The Gillespies

Leigh Gillespie

Our Jack is sending your Jack a check and a Christmas present.
Merry Christmas,
The Gillespies


god bless

Ken Otzel

Merry Christmas and we will pray for you all.


hi, my name is annie, im 16 , and i just watched the piece about jack on the news, I think that it is wonderful that he is doing well and beating the odds. I hope you and your whole family and have an amazing Christmas and a happy new year!!


Lindsey Russell

what a brave little boy you are Jack. I wish you all the best and know you can beat this. Merry Christmas!!


Your story touched my heart. I walk with my son on your street and I have often seen you playing with Jack and Aidan outside. I will be dropping off a donation ASAP. May you find strength in knowing that others are praying for you both and your sons. How brave you must be everyday!


I hope your Christmas brings lots of smiles and memories for a life time! <3

Daniel Pugh & Dorsi Flack

Jack and his family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers throughout the holiday season and beyond in hopes of alleviation of this debilitating illness and optimism of finding a cure with the possbility of a stem cell transplant. I work for an autologous stem cell cryopreservation company, and value the importance of such medical technology to be able to possbily treat these life threatneing diseases. May God bless Jack and his family.

Best regards,

Daniel Pugh

colleen fantozzi

Being the mother of three grown children your story broke my heart. Best to Jack and his wonderful family. you will be in my thoughts through this holiday season. please put me on your email list for fundraising info. colleen fantozzi

Caitlin Dignan

First of all I am so sorry that this is happening to such a young child. I would like to do whatever I can to help. Today some friends and myself visited 220 Cabot Road. It has influenced us to make copies of the flyers and pass them around to the students attending Burlington High School.I hope that the results will be rewarding. Please let me know if we can do anything else to help. It is comforting to know that there are still good, caring people in this world, such as yourself. I wish you the best of luck, and I will keep Jack in my prayers.Happy Holidays!



John Sholl

hi i do santa claus at the lesters when i can and i read your story all my prayers and well wishes go out to you and your family john sholl

The Lewis Family

Dear Lynch's, We are so glad you all had a great time at Disney. Maddy enjoyed GKTW the best!! She did not want to leave, actually neither did my big kids. As you know you are always in our thoughts and prayers. With Love, The Lewis Family

Stacey Conway

I am one of Duke Dawson's aunts and have heard about Jack through Bridget.

I just wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with Jack and your family.

karen chubbuck

please incluse me in you updates on jack. many prayers to your family and very special prayers to jack.

Jeannie Goldstein

Wow, you guys have been busy. Disney look like it was fun.

Jack, hope to meet you soon. I know your mom and dad. Your dad is very silly.

Thinking about you guys !


Kathy Tobin

I hope you guys had a great time at Disney!! Sorry I missed you, I was up North for Thanksgiving. I'll be sure to keep you guys in my prayers!


Hey, it's sydni's mom. Finally got to visit your website. Just wanted to say hi. Sydni loves her "life is good" tshirt. Thanks so much for it and tari would love another playdate with jack some time soon. Wishing you a happy and awesome holiday season.

Rob Yowell

Fight the fight, Jack!

Laura Levitan

Our prayers are with you and Jack...

Paula Taylor

Sounds like you had an amazing trip to Disney! Jack, GOOD LUCK on your treatments, we are thinking of you all! Love, Paula and Ryan

cooki in Cincinnati

I can only imagine how exhausted you. I never took the kids to Disney..told them they could go for their honeymoons. I don't like crowds.but did take our daughter to EuroDisney and saw Mick Jaggers in a vegetarian restaurant!
Happy Holidays to all. Cooki

barbara bolin

my daugther was just diagnosed with the same cancer . I'm praying for your family . It is very hard to cope with . your pictures of your son are very beautiful . GOD bless you . barb

Jim Lynch

Keep up the fight, guys! All of us at Amber View have Jack in our thoughts and prayers.

Katy Tychsen

Just emailing to say hello! I hope you are still on track for the Make a Wish trip - they are one of our big charities that we give to. Good to hear that Jack made it out for the Hickory Hill Halloween Hunt! We still think of you all often and plan to keep you on our donations list for 2006. Best of love!

Grandm&Grandpa Lynch

WOW Jack, you and the whole family are going to see Mickey and Donald. Well Grandpa Donald Duck wants you to have a good time and tell everybody he says HI from Arizona.....Love you guys, have a great trip.
Gm&GP Lynch

Michelle Nichols

I found out about your Jack today when Helene De Vries, a headhunter, called me out of the blue about finding someone for a job she was trying to fill. When I told her about all my impressive busines credentials, somehow I happenend to mention that my son died of cancer (medulloblastoma)- and that was when our conversation took a turn. She told me about Jack and about his fundraiser she was going to TONIGHT.
I write to encourage you and to compliment you on finding something good about every day.
There are no coincidences - how else could you, in Boston, connect with me, in Houston, Texas?
May God continue to bless and keep you as you go through this tough time.
Michelle Nichols
(877) 352-9684


Hey guys, i still check up on you guys all the time. Heard the fundraiser went well tonite, wish i could have been there. My prayers that jack's CT was better this week, you guys need a break from all this. Bye for now, i'll see you all when i'm home. Lots of love, eileen

The Wilkins

Jack is in our prayers and we would love to help you with your efforts. Our family has been touched from Neuroblastoma and a friend of mine is about to do a book tour in New York for a book the Boy of Steele. It is about our son Michael Steele. We are dedicated to helping families and the effort to find a cure. is our site. We have been blessed with friends around pro sports. I will send an item for your event.

Todd Wilkins

Christen Hawkes

Hi, that bit about the head CT is throwing me for a loop here, what the heck? Anyway, I'm planning to come to Boston with Cathy Lewis and others - see you then!

Mike Levine

Can't wait to see Ed and Di on Tuesday night in NY. Thinking of Jack frequently.
With Love,
Vino and Aly

Russ Vance

I am a concerned friend of Brian Oates and a recent supporter of Golf Fights Cancer. I am wishing you the best, always.


Hi guys. Just checking in. I will definitely be there Monday night. Not sure when you are back to clinic but I am here every day the rest of the week 3-11 so stop by if you get a chance. I miss you guys!

Paula Taylor

Hi guys- Thinking of you all! I know next week is going to be a huge success! Love, Paula

Cathy Lewis

We will be there on Monday, I wrote to Jennifer and said I would volunteer, but not sure if I got a job or not, anyway, I will be there (with friends in tow!!!) Can't wait to see you all!! with love, Cathy (Maddy's Mom)


I wanted to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with Jack and your family. I know of the life altering changes your family goes through when your child is ill. We have 5 children and our youngest two, Austin 8, leukemia in April, and in May Joey 5 a temporal lobe brain mass which causes him to have numerous seizures throughout the day. I send my blessings for you all, keep strong. Fondly, Evelyn Hardy

Christie Griner

I am truly touched by your story, I look forward to being a part of helping raise awareness.

the Thomas team

So sorry to hear of beautiful Jack's relapse. We know this difficult road first hand as our daughter has been fighting for three straight years. Please know others care! Sending you love and prayers from Ohio!

alison hayes

hey jack it was good to see you for a minute today hope your feeling well lots of love alison

Lauren Menkes

Dear Jack, Ed, and Dianne,
I am so sorry to hear about the results of the scans. I still think about Jack all the time and hope for only good things to come. I am living in New York now and will definitely try and attend the New York fundraising event. Give Jack a hug from me!

Allison Canfield Cowperthwaite

Dear Jack ... I haven't met your mommy yet, but I remember when daddy met her! You have great parents and I hope to meet you soon!!!

Amy Sawyer

Hi Guys, I'm so glad to hear Jack has been feeling so good through all the yucky stuff. I think of you all the time and will pray for clean scans. Di, congratulations on your position on the hospital board. You will be great! Take care and hope to see you soon. Amy

Kris Keegan

It is so great to hear that Jack has been so strong and having so much fun. Our prayers are with you all as the scan results come back. - Kris, Gil and Teddy

Kerri (from Clinic)

Hey Lynch Family,
Just checking in. Great photos. Talk to you soon.


Aunt Katy

Jack, Your aunt Katy and Uncle Jarrod, & cousins Murphy and Dillon are all thinking of you this week that you are back at the clinic. We love you so much and pray for you every night. Murphy is soooo excited to come and play with you!! He can't wait to go trick or treating w/ Jack and Aidan.
We love you!! Aunt Katy sends special hugs and is very sad that I can't come and see you this week.
Kiss your mommy and daddy from us, Aidan too.
Love and kisses,
The Minnesota Lynchs

Paul Frankel

You guys never cease to amaze me - so, I write with a full heart about the tremendous love, respect and hope I have for the entire group of you ... I'm sure you get sick of hearing how much amazement and joy you can bring in trying circumstances though frankly, it doesn't get old saying so ... this world needs more Lynchs. So much love i have for you all.

Mother Paula

Di&Ed,I follow Jack's progress all the time.Our prayers & love are with you ---sure wish we lived closer& could help you out.We love ya!!!

Brittany Johnson

hey jack. it's me brittany. i came down to new york to see you and babysit you when you were just a little guy. you keep your head up high. you're an amazing and strong boy. miss you lots love.

Minnesota Lynches

Hey Buddy Boy, How ya doin'? We sure miss you and Aidan. Stay strong Jack and we'll see ya real soon. What are you going to be for holloween? Murphy wants to be a frog and Dillon is going to be a Fireman. Take care and WE Love ya lots. xoxoxox

GM&GP Lynch

Hi Jack, are you teaching Aidan any new tricks? We can't wait to see you and want you to give mom,dad, and Aidan hugs and kisses from Arizona
Love you lots,
GM&GP Lynch

Dave (Sam) Salmon

Hey Jack.. you don't know me but i'm a friend of your dads from way back. just wanted to tell you.. you're my hero. keep fighting little man!

lisa coffey

thinking of all of you - so many hugs and kisses to you ....pls keep me posted for NYC fundraiser!!

The Levenson Family

Your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers. My dad and Jack are still chemo buddies, even though they are in different states and have never met. :)

Murphy & Dillon Lynch

Hey Cuz, what's happening? Bummer you weren't able to go to school. We just got back from the cabin and we had a great weekend. We saw dear, eagles and lots of bugs. Dad told me you caught some fish, WOW! I caught alot weeds, but dad sure caught enough for both of us. We'll have to fish real soon. Well gotta go buddy, bath time and all. Can't wait to play trains with you and Aidan again. We Love you Jack xoxxo
Murphy and Dillon Lynch

Uncle Jarrod

Hey Jack, just wanted to let you know we're thinkig about you and are excited to hear you're going to school! I'm sure you're the leader of the pack at school like your folks. God Bless you Jack and you are always in our thoughts..:)xoxo

The Minnesota Lynches

Hey Jackie boy, We love and miss you very much. Murphy has a special prayer for you every night at dinner and at bedtime. He can't wait to paly trains and show you his new talent(potty stuff). Call us soon and keep up the good work. God Bless you buddy and say hi to ed, di and aidan. We love You!!

Kris Keegan

Stay strong Jack. We are thinking of you. -- Kris, Gil and Teddy Keegan

Joaquin Ramon Herrera

hang in there, jack. if i prayed, i would offer a thousand prayers for you. as it is, i hope that life for you is long, and happy, and that you beat every set of odds that they give you. and mostly, i hope that you do not have to live in too much pain. with care, Joaquin-- a stranger to you, but a fellow human being who hates to see such a young soul with such challenges, already; and a father of three.

Wendy Evilsizor

Jack, you don't know me but I'm an old friend of your dad's. It's so great to see your wonderful photos. Thinking of you in my prayers Jack.

aunt Marion

just read mom and dads' latest update..think you are home and bet you are sure glad. We think of you every day. You all are an inspiration to us and we love you

Kris Keegan

Thinking of you all daily and hoping that all is going well in NY.

Paula Taylor

Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you all!

aunt marion

thinking about you all and sending our love.

chris conway

stay tough little buddy
and by the way your mom and dad are ALRIGHT!

cassie cooper

I love you jack and i hope to see you soon!


I am so happy to this wonderful news because the God that we serve is an awsome and miraculous God that's we should always give him praise during our good times and as well during our bad times. thank you Lord for Jack that you kept safely, and also in a loving way.Thank you for blessing him his family and also for for using him to show us how faithful and loving you are to us GOD BLESS YOU LITTLE ANGEL.

Vanessa Lugo

I am soooo happy to hear that jack has NED.i've been thinking of him so often sitting here in the PACU in NEMC. oh he's so adorable and god and his angels are definitely standing right by his side at all times pulling him through this battle.i met sophia a few times also, but these two children have touched my heart in a unexplainable way. may god bless your whole family


i have been praying for your family. my cousin Duker is fighting the same cancer so I have seen the messages you have left for him. I decided to check you sons site out. I hope all your tests come out good. Best of wishes to you all.
dukes cousin

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

Hey Jack, great news, you are going to New York. God Bless you, mommy, daddy, and Aidan. God Speed little guy, we are praying for you all and can't wait to see you.
Love you all lots,
GM&GP Lynch

Shannon & Kerry McCoy

Hi Jack, Di and Ed.

We hope all is going well in NYC. We are so sad that we have moved and won't be able to see you, but you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Cards for Colby's family and pictures of our adventures (including our dog Nugget) are on the way!

Hang in there buddy!

Dianne Forcino

We're praying that all goes well the week of the 5th. Much love--Dianne

The Keegan's

Thinking of you all every day. We hope you have a good 4th.
- Kris, Gil and Teddy


Thinking of you all every day. We hope you have a good 4th.
- Kris, Gil and Teddy

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

Great news Jack! You are on your way to NEW YORK CITY and the next leg of your journey. You are God's miracle child and He is taking care of your healing. Prayers, hugs and Kisses. We miss you and so does Donald Duck.
Love you,
GM&GP Lynch

monica grey

You are in our prayers.
Monica (Kathy Tobin's aunt from New Rochelle)

Kathy Tobin

Jack.. You are an amazing little guy. I think of you everyday and there are lots of people praying for you in Florida.

Keep smiling :)

Vanessa Lugo

hope all is going as best as it could be!I think about jack every single day, especially here at work!may god bless him and you all and be by your sides through this all.

Julie Segel

Ed and Di, Your pictures of Jack and the family are great! My mom is a child life therapist and I would like to put a packet of fun games/toys for Jack and the family during his chemo rounds and at home. She has some great art projects and other ideas for in-hospital activities. Look forward to meeting Jack sometime soon! All the best,
Julie Segel

Beth Cohen Knott

Thinking of you.

Paula Taylor

Glad to hear Jack is home, enjoy every minute of it! Love, Paula

Kimm and CJ

Way to go Jack- you rock! We are glad you are home- have fun, we love you. Kimm and CJ


Just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing! much Love, Andie

grandma&grandpa Lynch

Hi Jack, we miss you and send all our love and kises. Be strong as you are God's miracle child. Hope to see you soon,
GM&GP Lynch

Deb Carabet

Sending lots of love, hugs and BIG prayers for all of you.

Sally Bowers

Remember me?? Met you very early on at Floating. Live in WI now and LOVE it. Was so thrilled to stumble across this site. Just want to say I have always thought about you guys and Jack. I ask Priscilla when I speak with her. Hang in. I am sending positive vibes your way. Sally

Marty P. Lerner

Jack and the whole Lynch family are a constant inspiration to us. Keep fighting.

Love, Al, Marty & Alexa Lerner

Paula Taylor

Hey Jack, Ryan and I are thinking of you and your whole family. We hope you are feeling well and hope to see you soon. Love, Paula and Ryan

Shannon & Kerry McCoy

Greetings from Arkansas! Hopefully you had a good Memorial Day weekend.

Pharah Marcellus

Jack you are absolutely an angel and a wonderful gift from God. I pray for you everyday that God give you more strengh, and I know the God that I serve will work his miraculous way for you and your family just believe and give it all to God and he will put everything into places. God bless you honey and get better.

amy griffin

We just want you to know that there isn't a day or hour that goes by that we are thinking about you and praying for you! Be strong for your mom and dad as you have amazing parents and they love you more than you will ever know.
We love you Jack Lynch!
Amy, John and Jack Griffin

The Lapadat Family

Hang in there buddy!! Ed & Di, You will get through this. You guys are so amazing and such an inspiration of hope and strength. You have made us all realize how precious life is and our children are, and not to take a moment for granted. Jack is so blessed to have such devoted and loving parents as are you blessed to have such a beautiful boy who is so full of life. You are in our prayers. We love all of you dearly.

Vanessa Lugo

May God bless you baby Jack- you are an angel sent from earth.May the angels be by your side as you fight this ugly battle but make it through like the little tough guy you are.

Sanka & Alex Stalcup

Hi Jack! We hope you having lots of fun today - if not, just let us know and we will tell your mom & dad to get busy! It is so hot down here in Texas - all we want to do is swim and play with the water guns! Hope you can come visit us sometime!

Alex & Sanka

Cousin Murph & Cousin Dillon

Hey cuz, just wanted to send you some love from Minnesota. We sure miss you and we think about you often. did you get our suprise? Take care jackie and we LOVE you lots. Dillon and me want to play Tiger soon. Dad and Mom want to say thank you to all the wonderful people out there who are giving positive mojo to Andover, MA. and want you folks to know words cannot explain how greatful the Lynch family is for the support to Ed,Di,Jack and Aidan. There is strength in numbers. XOXOXOX

peter fasano

i remember the fevers from peter not fun as for plans set them around your son and try to get a little free time for yourselfs i know you do not want to ever leave his side but we found this very beneficial both to us and the way we treated our son good luck and good riddance from all the bad stuff stay strong and stay together

Kathleen Klauer

Hi Jack,
Your buddy, Daniel, from Monkey Gym wants to say hi & looks forward to when you're feeling good enough to come back & play. We're saying lots of prayers for you & your family. We miss you!
Love, Daniel, Matt & Caitlin

John & Beth Michaelson

Longtime friends of Ed and one of many, many willling members of the Lynch's support team to help Jack win this battle and the war.

Paula Bletzer(the mom)

Since I came homme from Florida I have been checking on Jack. We pray for him constantly and for both of you. Please God Jack will be ok and you all can get back to some normalcy! Much Love, Paula#1

Brian Oates

Hey Lynches - we are thinking of you folks. Will keep you in our prayers.

Diane Johnson

Ed, Dianne, Jack and Aidan,

I think about you guys a lot, and hope my thoughts and prayers are sending good karma/vibrations your way. Pierce just turned six, so it breaks my heart to imagine going through what you are. Jack is amazingly loved, and his life is a blessing to us all.


Cindy Lombardi

Jack - 'Baby Sarah' is praying for you as are all the Lombardi's.


have po9sted the nemc walk at work for donations..everyone is pulling for you all!!! Hi jack..want a hotdog??? love aunt marion

Dan Troutman

I enjoyed the tour!

Dave Salmon

I have not been to Jack's site for a while as i have had some family issues of my own. when i read about the struggles you are going through i am not sure how you are copeing. it sounds like you have a strong family and some pretty wonderful friends. keep up the fight and my prayers are with you, Sam

Randy Tipton

Get well soon. YBIC

Donna Edwards

Dear Jack and Family, I'm Michael Garfield's grandmother and Kristin has been keeping me up to date on your progress. The web site is great. You are in our prayers and those of our church members. Keep the faith and know that God is in control.

Ali Chambers

We are keeping Jack and all of the Lynch family in our thoughts and prayers every day. Keep the faith.

sonia & Ron Ungerman

Prayers from Minnesota as you continue to fight this battle. We are praying!!

mike & kim kelley

How great are these pictures! Hang in there! We're thinking about all of you and praying for a speedy recovery.

Bill Schoonmaker

Dear Jack,

Hi, I am a friend of your Dad's from work. I live in New Jersey, sort of near where you were born. Your Dad told me that you were sick so I thought I would write you a note to say hello. I have been looking at your website - it's really cool! There are some good pictures of you, your Mom and your Dad! Jack, I know you are a very special boy with lots of friends, some that you haven't even ever met - like me! I hope some day soon that I will meet you, maybe the next time I'm in Boston. Until then, you should know that there are a while lot of people like me that are thinking about you and wishing that you will be all better soon! Your friend, Bill


So glad you are home and hope all is well! We are thinking of you xoxo

Cheryl Milan

My heart goes out to you all. I work with Marion Rafter and she was nice enough to give me your site. Anything I can do please let me know. My prayers are with you.

Warren Crouch

I am a cooworker of Mike Schmitt's. My wife Teresa, my boys Zach and Nick, our entire church families in Southern Maryland and back in Weatherford, TX and I are praying for you and your family Jack! Get well soon.


Saw the great news in the update. You are an amazing kid! We will all continue to pray for a speedy recovery. Next time you meet the Bruins ... tell them to get back to work!

Brook Cantwell

My prayers are with you and your family!!

joe yennior

i like ur book called Twin Sons of Different Mirrors

Darcy Harper

I am a friend of Elly and Michael Scott. I wanted you to know that I am lifting your family up in prayer daily and am asking for God's supernatural healing for your son. In His love, Darcy

Rosie Kaplan (wife of Craig Kaplan and pediatric oncology fellow at MSKCC)

Jack is adorable!!! If I can ever help in any way please call me at 212-249-5011 or page me at 212-639-2828 pager 4408.


Hi Jack and Diane (and you too Aiden!), Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you always and miss my little buddy. You are a special little guy to me and really had made me a better person and therapist in a short time! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


I will keep praying for Jack's healing and that the peace of God be there always.

Kimm and CJ

Hi Jack- we are so excited that you are home. You are our "HERO"!
We love you all and are thinking of you every day!
Aunt Kimm and CJ

Stephanie Olesen

hey Jack and family!
So happy to hear that all is well!Me and my friends are really excited to be walking in Jack's honor at the Relay for Life again this year!! We're all rooting for you bud!

Phil Towne

Hey Jack! I just wanted to say hi. It's about that time again and the Relay for Life is coming around. I'm so glad to be walking for you and I'm glad to hear that you've been doing better. Hang in there bud, we're all pushing for you!

Cathy and Maddy Lewis

Hooray!!! You are going home. That Jack is unbelievable. He is an "Incredible" himself!! Prayers and love to you all!! Maddy and mom!

Dave Aldrich

Ed, All of us at Hole in the Wall Camps are thinking and praying for Jack.

JoAnn, Steve, Ben and John Cooperstein

Hope your feeling better Jack, just wanted you to know, we are thinking of you!
See you in the neighborhood.
The Coopersteins


hi jack! Max says he wants to write a message to you. here it is! 0.
;p90][--! I think he wrote that he loves you and he can't wait for you to get all better. We all miss you at the monkey gym, and I know you may not be able to come for a little because you will be having too much fun outside in the fresh air, but we can't wait to see you again. tell mom and dad that we are thinking of them and would love to help out in any way we can. take care! erin & max

Evan Dabby

Just wanted to visit and send my love to the family.

Best wishes.


JoAnn Neale

Thinking about you.

Bill & Debbie Lamb

We are glad to hear of Jack's successful surgery. Hang in there!

Ann Miller

More love and prayers coming your way from the Miller family!

The Lynches of Melrose

Our hearts go out to Jack and the entire Lynch family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jodi Lieske (Collins)

Jack and family,

Thinking and praying for you and your family. You are a much loved little boy with many family and friends (new and old) who are cheering you on for a speedy full recovery.

Jodi (old friend of your dad's back in Duluth, MN)

Kristin Garfield

Ed and Dianne,
It is so great to hear that Jack is recovering so quickly from his surgery. We were so happy to hear that they were able to remove all of Jack's tumor. We are praying for Jack and the entire family. Stay strong, and let us know if there is anything that you need. See you in clinic soon.

The Garfields

auntie Marion

Happy Thursday day closer to coming home. So happy you are doing well. We love you and think of you all the time!!

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

Jack, you are certainly God's miracle child. He has great things in store for your life.As Jack's grandparents we would like to send our blessings to all the people of all beliefs that are praying for Jack and sending their thoughts.
Ed and Dianne are true role models for the unfortunate families that are going through the same situation and most of all they are our role models. Our daily prayers join with the thousands that are offered daily. Thank you Ed&Dianne for giving and sharing your beautiful son with us.
God Bless,

Becka and Tom Throop

Hi Jack!!! We are thinking of you all the time, and we cannot wait to see you again. Austin is missing his tee-ball buddy and asks about you daily. We're all pulling for you!

Becka and Tom Throop

Hi Jack!!! We are thinking of you all the time, and we cannot wait to see you again. Austin is missing his tee-ball buddy and asks about you daily. We're all pulling for you!

Sherri Morell

It's easy to see from your pictures, with all that you have been through, your spirit is as bright as ever. Keep smiling are an inspiration to us all!!!

You continue to be in my families thoughts and prayers.

Much love,

Murphy&Dillon Lynch

Hey cousin, we're glad to hear you're back on your feet and keeping everyone on their toes. We miss you and can't wait to play trains and cars soon. Say Hi to Uncle Ed and Aunt Dianne and cousin Aidan for us and tell them We love them here in Minnesota.

Shannon & Kerry

Dear Jack:

We are so happy that you had a good day today. We love your picture! You are such a brave and strong little boy!

Hang in there buddy, we know that you are going through a hard time, but we are here for you and love you very much.

Love- Shannon and Kerry ( Mom & Dad & Harley's friends from Connecticut)

Kris Keegan

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Keep fighting. - Kris


Way to go are truely an amazing family. Your strength, love for each other and concern for all others are daily inspiration to us all. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.


What a beautiful little boy. Please know that my prayers are with you and Jack, and that I am sending out your story to everyone in my email address book so they can also pray for his recovery.


My thoughts and prayers are with you every day, and I send out to the universe healing happy energy for Jack, and strength for mom and dad. You can't know how deeply I feel your struggles. Much Love

Peggy, Tommy and Ryan

Jack- As usual you have amazed us (and still look adorable). We can't wait to see you. Stay strong.
Love us-

aunt marion

just saw your picture in my e-mail....I like your bandage...makes you look like a tough look very handsome.
Tell Mom and Dad to have a glass of look great!!

holly grove

So glad God answered prayers again in Jack's successful surgery today!
He is a special are y'all; the parents!
I know he will continue to positively progress!
You are loved!
Holly at the Beach

Shannon & Kerry

Hopefully today went well. WE have been saying prayers for you all day! Get well soon Jack! :)

Jennifer Karni

Our prayers are with you every day.


Our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

cooki in cincinnati


The Lapadat Family

We love you brave boy, and are thinking of you and praying for you everyday. Hope to come and visit you soon.

Brian Mieth


I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your father tells me you are quite a strong boy and I know you will continue to fight through this relapse. I think of you everyday when I look at YOUR yellow bracelet (Lance who?)! Your an inspiration to even grown ups. God bless

Meredith WIlson

Hi Jack!
I am Ann Miller's sister, and wanted to let you know that all of us in North Carolina are praying for you, and thinking of you and you family.

Aunt Marion

our thoughts and prayers are with you today as everyday...Jack, be a are a love

Amy Griffin

Jack Lynch, you are a super star. You probably don't remember me, but your parents trusted me to babysit for the night so they could enjoy a night out in the city. You were a perfect angel then you still are! Much love to you and your family!

Lorraine Grip

Hello Ed,

Thank you for sharing this with us. Everyone here at FIIS is keeping Jack and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your time in Florida. Be well, Lorraine

Bruce Driben

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Best wishes,


i found out about your story on a twin message board and wanted to say i am praying for you. You will beat this, you just have to have faith. I hope you fell better soon.

Dave, Kerry and Michaela


You are a tough little guy and we know you can win the battle that lies ahead. Our love and prayers are with you.

Lots of Love,
Dave, Kerry, and Michaela

Bob and Heather Schmitt

We are Mike's parents. Please know that you are in our hearts and our prayers during this especially frightful time.

The Jaggi Family

Hang in there Jack. We'll be thinking of you and Mickey. Hoping you'll both be feeling better soon.

Paul, Colleen, Charlotte, and Nicholas Bourgeois

We are friends of Sue and Mike. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Scott, Tiphanie and Willem

We just want to let you know how much we love you!!!! We will be thinking about you every single day.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Scott, Tiph and Baby Will xxx

Ali Mowtschan

Jack is in my family's thoughts and prayers. Tell Jack, Kelly and I will take him to see the ducks again this summer!

Will & Michaela

Hi Jack..Mickey and I are want you to know we are thinking about you and want you home. You have so many things to teach us and games to play with us...we love you

Willem :)

Chris Havlicek and Kim Boger

Dear Jack,

We have not met yet so let me introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am friends with your Mom and your Dad. I know them from when they lived in New York City, from before you were born even! They are great people and your Dad and I are golfing partners. He is a good golfer, but I know he is a much better Dad than he is a golfer!!! And your Mom, well, she is the best Mom a little boy could ask for!
And even though we have not met, my fiance and I feel like we know you. We read about your updates, and laugh at all of those great pictures on your website! You are a very handsome boy!! So even though we don't know each other, I want you to know a few things.... Whenever you don't feel so great, you might want to have your Mom or your Dad read you this letter. It always makes me feel better too. I hope it does the same for you!

Say "Your welcome" when someone thanks you.

Seek out a cat or a dog.

Eat cheeseburgers at least once a week.

Roll in the grass!

Hunt for buried treasure.

Eat candy!

Hug your Mom and Dad.

Keep a promise.

Find a good hat!

Forgive people.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

Apologize if you are wrong.

Ice cream is a meal in itself!

Smile. Now smile bigger.

Think first of someone else.

Hug everyone you like.

Be kind.

Be gentle.

Laugh a little.

Laugh a little more.

Dance whenever you can.

Say please and thank you.

Welcome a stranger.

Make a new friend.

Dont eat the following: worms, yellow snow, or brussel sprouts....Ever!.

Tell your parents you love them.

Speak it again.

Speak it still once more.


Never ever give up.

We are thinking of you buddy. Look forward to meeting you one day and have fun at Disney World!

Chris and Kim

Grandma &Grandpa Lynch

Hey Jack,we love you and are praying daily for you and mom & dad for the strength to once again beat the monster. With God on your side nothing can beat you. Stay strong and we will see you soon.
Donald Duck says hi!
Hugs and kisses,
GM&GP Lynch


My prayers go out to you... I know Jack is a little fighter and will get through this relapse. Stay strong and know that so many people love you! Safe travels to Disney & enjoy/soak it all in.

Sherry Couch

My thoughts and prayers are with Jack and the whole family. I have sent Jack's anme on to numerous prayer chains. He is just beautiful...Our Prayers will continue daily.


My siste is Ann Thompson at the Patriots.. Our prayers are with you! -Nancy,Rachael and Joey

Cheryl Couch

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

June Lands

Give Jack a squeeze for us. We will be praying for him. Love, June, Craig, and Julia

Jennifer Cook

A special person such as Jack could only have come from two very special parents. I hope that the trip to Disney brings back the beautiful light of joy in Jack's eyes in this photo and. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. With love, Jennifer

Tina Ienna

We hope you all have a blast at Disney- please say hi to Mickey and Minnie for us. Our postive thoughts and prayers are with you, as always. Fight on and live strong!

patti pruett

Thinking of you each and every day. Lots of love, Patti Pruett

Sandy Marino

OUR Thoughts and prayers are with all of you!!

Kitty Shelley

Hi Sweet Pea,

I'm sending you a big fat hug right now, and I hope you have sooooooo much fun in Disney World. Remember, you deserve this for being such a big boy! And please do give Mickey and the other guys you see at Disney World a hug for me!


Kitty Shelley

Lon Fellenz

Hey Jack,

Unfortunately for me I don't know you but I do know you are a really tough kid. You've already proved that. So it's time to be even more tough. You can do it Jack.

All my best,


john langbein

Jack, Have a great time at Disneyworld!!!! Say hi to Mickey for me! Love you, John

Katy Tychsen

Uuuuh. I wish I could be a third parent to help you out! MakeAWish has been my main charity since college. They are wonderful! Have a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Tresvant

Ed and Dianne,
My prayers are with you and Jack. Thinking of you.

Sean Tresvant

Michael Rinebold

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Sadie Ordower

Hi Jack. My name is Sadie Ordower. I figured it was long overdue that I write you and introduce myself. I am 1 1/2 years old and live in New York with my parents (who are friends with your parents). Don't worry, I am not a Yankees fan. In the past couple months, I finally got a handle on this walking thing- you must remember what a pain that was with your parents continually prodding you. Geez. Anyway, these days I am very into buses and planes. And my favorite color is blue. I know, it doesn't seem very girly, but I've got to be me.
I admit that I am a New York City girl, but I hear that Boston is nice too. My dad talks about going to school there and how much fun he had, but he said some people have funny accents. Do you have a funny accent? Maybe we will visit one day and I can find out.
Anyway, I hope you have a great time at Disney World!
Please know that you are in my thoughts (and my parents') and that I really admire your strength and fight. You are a great role model and make all of us kids proud.
All the best,

Peter Ginsburg

Just got the news of Jack's relapse. My thoughts are with you.


Crystal Friederich

Hi, I'm Kimm Comb's sister, CJ's aunt. Kimm passed on your website and asked me to pray. My heart goes out to you as I have a 1-year old. Please know we are praying for you.
God bless you and the peace of Christ surround you.

Crystal Friederich

Roxanne Hollingsworth

My prays and thoughts are out to Jack and his parents. Even though we'll probably never meet, there is a bond.

Julie Croteau

Hey there, Jack!

I understand you are going to Disneyworld!

I hope you have a fun time with your mommy and daddy.

Say hello to Mickey Mouse for us.

We love you and you are in our thoughts.

Julie, Chris, Sofia and Lorenzo

Lorenzo Pepe

Dear Jack,

My name is Lorenzo Pepe (no laughing!), and my daddy used to work with your daddy and mommy back in the '90's. I think that makes them officially old! Anyway, I am only 4 months old, but my daddy has told me the story about the little boy from Boston that he thinks is the strongest man in the world. He said his name is Jack Lynch, that's you! I wanted to write to you and say "hi" from Los Angeles so you knew who I was too. I can't wait to meet you someday soon. Until that day, I will have my daddy update me on your journey and will be thinking of you often.

Peace out from west coast,


Sammie Krepp

We're thinking of you!! Hang in there.

JoJo, Michael & AJ Rinebold

Jack-Even though we have not had the fortune to meet you yet, we know your parents very well and know you are in good hands. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Heather Walker

Stay strong!
My thoughts and prayers are with you!

John Olshan

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I wish Jack all the best.

Craig Hoover

Jack is my hero! Keep fighting. I'm thinking about you.


Thomas Healey c/o Kim Healey

Hi Jack - Just wanted you to say hello to Mickey Mouse for me while you are having lots of fun in Disneyworld!

Christine Rosa

Dear Jack,
while the fight ahead may be hard, you are a stong big boy and beat this. I hope you know that many people are cheering for you and praying for you to get better. Hope you have or had a blast in Florida. Say hi to Mickey for me. Christine

Tina Honeycutt

We will all be praying for Jack. He is a beautiful child. If there is anything at all that we can do please let us know.

Kim Foster

To the family of Jack:
My name is Kim and I have been working with Jack's Aunt Sue and I want to send my prayers and high hopes for Jack. I have two little boys myself, Collin who is almost 5 and Ashton who is 19 months. I can not begin to imagine what your family has been going through. Everyday your family will be in my thoughts. Best wishes to you all.

Kim Foster

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

Tthe last 10 days have been a highlight for us. Ten days with you here in Arizona was awesome. We love you and Aidan, kisses to mom and dad for bringing you.
Lots of Love,
GM&GP Lynch


hi jack just wanted to say hello and hope your doing well say hi to aidan for me

Suzan Anderson

We love you Jack!!

Bridget Dawson

Love the pictures of Jack and Aiden. They are beautiful children!

Aunt Ashley

I can't wait to see you guys...

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

We can't wait for you to come so we can Easter egg hunt for the first time. Love you lots and thanks to all previous guest book families. Pray hard for Jeremy guys.
GM&GP Lynch


I was recently at a wedding expo and saw that Children's Hospital Boston had a booth. They take donations and in turn give you a scroll letting wedding guests know that a donation was made to the hospital. I said this is a wonderful idea, but being that I "grew up" in Floating Hospital, I would like to donate there instead. So I looked up on yahoo to see how I can donate to Floating Hospital and found this website. I was wondering if you know of anything like that where I can donate to the children and get a wedding favor from the hospital saying the money was donated or if I need to make something like that myself. Thanks for having this website and helping other children and their families like my own. I "lived" at Floating Hospital over 20 years ago, so there is hope that children can pull through anything. I had 5 aneurysms surrounding my kidney, which eventually needed to be removed. I'm lucky to be alive, and that is all THANKS TO FLOATING HOSPITAL!!


Hello Lynch family - Jeremy finished round 6 of chemo last week.His counts are starting to drop this week(he is neutropenic)..we have to do another set of mibg scans to see where we are.Jeremy still had cancer in his left shoulder and both knees.He is a strong little boy...take care the dickinsons


JACK - hAPPY BIRTHDAY - from the dickinson family

Lauren Menkes

Hi Jack!
I am pretty sure that today is your 3rd birthday and I just wanted to write a quick note wishing you a very happy happy birthday! I am so glad to hear about the 6th month scans and I hope for only good news to follow! Hope that everyone there is doing well! I'll check in again soon!
Keep in touch, Lauren :)

Peggy, Tommy & Ryan

Great news about the scans-not suprise considering how amazing you have been Jack. Glad to see you are having an active social life. Happy 3rd Birthday!!!! (a few days early)

Eric Baldwin

Great meeting you tonight and look forward to meeting Jack at this year's Boston Marathon finish line!


I stumbled on your site and Jack is beautiful!! My daughter, Maryanne is also a patient of Dr. Wolfe, she just finished 2.5 years of chemo for leukemia. She'll have her port out this month. I also can understand about expenses as I had to stand outside and beg for money for Maryanne. I can't help financially, but I wanted to send you lots of well wishes and prayers from someone who REALLY understands what it's like to be a mother of a sick child.

Love, Sheryl

The Sakakeeny Family

What a terrific website! And thanks for the updates. Little Jack is in our thoughts & prayers! Feel free to call on us if you need anything - see you in the neighborhood.

Dianne Forcino

Dear Ed,and Diane--So happy to hear that Jack is doing so nicely. My continued prayers for his complete recovery. Have a wonderful year ahead and may God be with you every step of the way--All mt love--Dianne

Heather D

Oh my gosh!! I haven't seen you guys at the floating if you have been in to visit, jack is getting so big! Just wanted to say hello and WOW the boys seem like a lot of work, but a lot of fun! -Heather from floating 7

dickinson family

Hello Lynch family and friends.I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone.You all have been so great stopping by sloan memorial hospital to visit Jeremy..(JEREMY has neuroblastoma)..thank you to both for the wonderful presents..Thanks to Cookie from Cinn,and to Ann Thompson from the New England Patriots..And thank you to everyone else i might have left out.Jeremy is doing very well..The doctors removed the tumor last monday,and jeremy has started round 4 of chemo on thursday..God bless to you all - Merry the dickinsons from new york

Chris Sahr

Ed, Thanks for showing your story. I am sorry I was out of town when you were in St. Paul. I appreciate your family's courage and will pray for continued blessings.

Cooper Shugrue

I am sorry that I didn't know jack at the time that he went through his treatment so that I could be there for him as a friend, but I am so glad that we are pals now and look forward to a long friendship! I feel very lucky to have both he and Aiden in my life!
love, Cooper

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

Grandpa was overwhelmed at Jack and Daddy coming to his 60th birthday party. Wow..what a gift. Thanks to Dianne for supporting the trip. Thank you and love you sooo much.

Lori Reicin

Thanx for the update.Great to hear Jack is doing so well, you have a lot to be thankful for this holiday! Continued prayers and support. Lori--Chicago

Lauren Collins

Dear Jack,
hope all is well. Get well soon we. You are always in our prayers, Godbless and get well soon!

Brooke steigauf

Dear jack,
you are so adorable. I hope you better soon. God Bless you and your family. You are always in my prayers.

Amelia Carter

I wish YOu all the best of luck and God bless you, also i am a friend of Karley

Amelia Carter

I wish YOu all the best of luck and God bless you, also i am a friend of Karley


God bless you Jack

Aimee Green

Thinking of you always!

brooke steiguef, Joanne Nelson, andn Amelia CArter

Dear Jack- karley has been talkin about how adorable you are. God bless you and get well soon!

Karley Smith

Dear Jack,
my name is karley smith, i am one of murphy's other cousins. whenever i am at his house i always see a lot of pictures of you. you are very good looking! i hope that you can get well soon. Hang in there buddy!
xoxo- Karley Smith

Holly Grove

Congrats to the whole Lynch family on the Blessings you have received relavant to Jack's clean bill of health! God is truly amazing.....share the story! We are all witnesses to a miracle through your precious child!
Happy Thanksgiving early!!!!
Love, Holly

Scott Dickinson

Hello Our 2 year old son has neuroblastoma.His name is Jeremy - 2 years old.We are in Sloan Memorial Hospital in NYC..hE has had 2 rounds of chemo..he is strong,he will make it..

Beth Meissner

Hi Ed & Diane! I am glad to hear that Jack is progessing with such energy! He has a great family that has unselfishly made a difference to all! My love and continued prayers to both of you and your family.

The Swift's

Glad to hear Jack's doing great. Maddy's always asking the nurses in the clinic about Jack. We are finally getting her platlets to hold for about two weeks. She started kindergarten and loves it. See you soon. Kim

The Lynch's

Halloween costumes...It appears as though Jack will be a Lion and Aidan will be a pumpkin. That is not finalized as they may change thier minds...just and FYI to those who have asked.

Nana Linda

Hi, I love you and miss you. What are you going to be for Halloween? Hugs from Nana


Hello big boy Jack-heard you look and feel real good. SOrry I keep missing your visits. Keep smiling. Love Sandi


Hi Jack , I'll be there soon and have Mommy or Daddy update since you can't read or write yet. I love that your hair is coming back and you are feeling better, as a two year old should. Love to you and Aidan, Nana Linda

Michael Suzann Thornburg

I wanted to just take a minute to compliment you on the beautiful web site you have created. A dear friend of mine shared your site with me, Nancy Lynch. Your baby is in my thoughts and prayers... Michael

annie's aunt cooki in cincinnati

Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Have been thinking of you and hoping that Jack is doing well.

Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

We would like to thank all who donated, bid on, and attended the fund raiser in Minnesota. It was our first and we are overwhelmed with the outpouring of prayers and support for Jack, Ed, Dianne and the entire family. God bless you all and you are in our prayers.
Warmest regards,
Ed&Nancy Lynch

Norb Winter

Thanks for coming to Minnesota! The event was great and your family, friends and those who donated to help NEMC and the Jack are unbelievable!!!
Big hugs and love to them all.
Norb Winter

Denise (Skelton) Proechel

MV Class of '84 grad.
I am sorry to hear about Jack's illness. I have read much of the information on your website and will agree that children, even at such a young age are extremely resilent. Much stronger than any adult I know. It is amazing that when things are at their worst, it is our children who have the strength to pull us through.
When I first received the email with the fundraiser information, I was unable to attend. My 12 year old daughter and I were out in Boston. She had surgery at Boston Children's on August 12th and I didn't think we would be back in time. Since her recovery was quick, we returned home early. I am glad to hear you have family and friends close by to help with the long days at the hospital.
Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. See you tonight.


Hey its anna yarbrough again.. i am really sorry for what happend to your family. I hope he gets well fast. Really the main thing is to be strong for him and just for yourself. It makes it alot easier to do so. Good luck with it all madame lynch!!! You know i am here for you if you need to talk..


Hey katie lynch. its anna yarbrough who went to anwatin. since things get to us late i had no idea about what happend till i went on my dad's email and found out about jack and the cancer deal. when you get this madame lynch call me at 612-377-8470 or my cell at 612-558-0266. anyhow hope your frech year goes well.

Rae Ellen Hill

God Bless Your Family. Our son has epilepsy, we understand. What a fantastic website. We heard about your story from Matt "The Rookie" on KSTP in Minneapolis. We will be sending a donation for Jack. Hang in there and take care!

Phil Ritten

Dear Lynch Family,
I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the event in Minneapolis on the 19th of August. I hope that things are going well with your brave and strong little man. Best wishes for the future and I hope that things continue to improve for Jack and all the other children who suffer from this horrible disease. Best wishes, Phil Ritten

Austin Throop

Jack - I was so happy to have you over to my house on Sunday! It's great to see you playing so hard and sharing my trains with me! Can't wait to play again! :)

The Deschene Family

Our prayers are with you Jack.
John, Lynn, Heaven and Christian.

Bill Orebaugh

Dear Jack,

I'm an old friend of your father's and just heard about your story.

I just wanted to tell you to be strong and you are in my prayers.

My GOD BLESS you and your entire family.

Bill Orebaugh

Martha Williams

Ed- I'm so sorry but I won't be able to attend Jack's Fundraiser. I'm still working on it but highly doubt it. I did email a few old friends about going to the event. I hope its a success and I hope Janck's doing well. I think of you often.

Cal & Velma

We are so happy to hear that you are doing su well
Love You,
Cal & Velma

Dawn Messerli

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Stephanie Olesen

hey! I signed the guestbook before participating in the relay for life, and since it has passed I thought I'd follow up. My friends & I had an awesome time at the Relay, and seeing all the different survivors, and teams there really put cancer in perspective for me. I'm so happy I took part in this great experience, and I'm proud of the money that was raised!! I hope all is well, and remember the people out there helping you fight this disease.



I met your grandma only a few weeks ago but I know how special you are to her. We will gladly hold a charity event for you in the spring when your family comes to visit Arizona so we can raise some money for you and your hospital. Hope you are having a really great day today.
owner, Slim and Tone

Ronald McDonald House

I had the pleaseure of meeting Jarrod at the Kelsey Classic Golf Tournament on August 2 and he told me about your situation. From all of the staff at Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis, we wish you all the best and 100% cure. Our sympathies for Cody. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the fundraiser on August 19, but I am hoping for great success.
Meg Katzman
Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House of the Twin Cities

Nana Linda

Hi ,you need to update again. I gave the address to my friend Macey and she is going to help me with a fund raiser here in spring. See you soon Mom

elaine murphy

hi jack delighted to hear you are home and doing well hope to see you soon

Karyn Heimes

I'm devastated hearing about Jack's friend Colby. You continute to be in my family's prayers and I think of you often. Stay Strong!

Maureen Doherty

Hi, Dianne & Ed, I have been following Jacks wonderful progress on a regular basis. It is so exciting to read he is home and doing great!! I am very sorry to read about his friend Colby. I keep your family in my daily prayers.
Take care,


Hi, just wanted to send hugs for you and Aidan. I luv u Nana

Diane (Thorn) Meitz

You and your family are in our thoughts and in our prayers.

Kim Dodge(Steffen)

Hi Ed,
Remember me? We graduated together at Mounds View. I was sent this email regarding your son and I was so touched! He is a precious little guy and I am so happy to hear he is in remission. That is wonderful news! I wish you and your family the best! Prayers and thoughts are with all of you. Take care-Kim


Hope everything is good in your world and your family is well. Sorry I can't join you in Minneapolis for your event but I'll be thinking of you.

Kim Skipper

I don't know you personally, but can only imagine what you have endured. You will be in my constant thoughts and prayers and have gone through Cancer fights with both of my parents, and they won! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and your family!!

Kim Skipper
1703 Whispering Oaks Drive, Plainfield, IL 60544

karen kohlts

I will try to be there. good luck!

Cathy Lewis

Dear Diane, As I read your entry tonight, my heart stopped, I remember when Maddy was in clinic the times when a parent had to face the horrible end of this dreaded disease cancer. But it is with faith that we begin our journey and no matter how it ends it is with faith in God that we must believe that our children are a message, as difficult as it may be, God does have a place for these children, one far better than chemo and needles and pain, and as parents we must trust in the Lord however our journey ends. It is only a cancer family that can truly understand this ordeal we are faced with. We never met Colby, or his family but listening to the many families that have, it sounds as if they are truly a gift to all of whom at the opportunity to know be a part of their lifes.
May peace be with you throug this very difficult time.
with love, The Lewis family

Jen Crowley

This past May my friends and I participated in the Relay for Life in Franklin, MA and thanks to my Aunt Patti Droney we were able to learn about Jack and his story. We dedicated our hours of walking to Jack and had posters around our campsite with pictures of Jack and his story. Jack's story is an inspiration to my team and is an inspiration to everyone who is able to learn more about him! I will try and send pictures of us all at the Relay!

The Lynchs


Grandma&Grandpa Lynch

Just to say HI Jack and Aidan, our time together was short but so sweet. We love you and can't wait to see you again.
Love, GM Nancy&GP Ed

cooki in Cincinnati

Hi Jack Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July

The Lewis Family

Positive thinking, supportive family and friends, great doctors and nurses and most important the Grace of God! What a wonderful combination for success! We are so happy all is going well. Keep up the good work Jack.

Annie's aunt cooki

Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day.

Steve Oriol

Just wanted to offer my support and prayers to Jack and your family.

Heather (Gumm) Greene

Ed, Suzy Hunt Erickson sent me the e-mail regarding the fundraiser in Mpls. I hope Jack is doing well. It sure sounds like you and your family have great support. I will try to come to the fundraiser. Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and Jack.

Sue Wegleitner-Taplin

I'm praying for you and your family, Ed.

Kim Van Horn

Ed, Di and Jack -- My little sister Niki Williams invited me to your DC fundraiser - I can't go but am sending a check. I am so happy you are all home and that Jack is a superstar and I will pray that he stays well (and I don't do a whole hell of a lot of praying ...). XOXOXOXO

Kelly Russell

hi Ed and Diane,

I have been following Jack's story over the past months, periodically checking in on your site to see how he is doing.
Jack's has found his way into our prayers. I am Maddie Swift's aunt (sean's stepsister). Sean and Kim speak of you often. They hold you in high regard. Glad to know Jack is getting stronger each day. Hang tough, our thoughts are with you!!

Crazy Night Nurses: Laurel and Eileen

Hi there everyone, We are so glad to hear all is well....By the time you receive this radiation will all be done....We heard that Mr. Jack got himself a tattoo. Way to go! 5:30am is approaching Ed, where is our coffee? Di, are you having trouble sleeping in your own bed, we know how much you loved ours here! PLEASE, give Jack and Aiden a big HUG from us girls...Take care and Keep in Touch!!! HEY, how's "Benny"?
Love Laurel and Eileen

Peggy, Tommy & Ryan

Hey Jack-
We are so glad you are home and doing awesome! You are a fighter. We can't wait to see you this summer. Ryan has a Yankee Jersey for our first get together in a long, long time. Stay well. xoxoxox

GM&GP Lynch

Hey Jack, only 2 more weeks and we will be there, better get ready to be smothered with kisses and hugs so warn Aidan that he is going to get smothered too.....we love you guys!


hi guys!
I miss you guys! Hope all is going well, I will visit you in clinic this week! Love, Jamie

Friends and Family

Update coming sorry that we havent updated. Enjoying being home. Jack is doing GREAT!

Grandpa Ed

Grandma Nancy sends her love. This is your second Memorial Day and so much has happened since last Memorial Day. God has been good to this family and with His Blessings you, Aidan, Mom, and Dad can move forward and give thanks to all who have prayed and given good thoughts for you. God Bless you little guy, you are Grandpa's hero.
Love you all, can't wait to see you.

Missy Smith

Dearest Lynch Family-
So glad to see your ebsite. It is wonderful and heart warming. Lewis and I send lots of love and kisses for each and everyone of you. We know it's hard. Life is fleeting but eternity is forever.
We just need to do small things with great love.
I believe in the power of healing. Of course, the deeper the faith, the bigger the miracle. I have quite a few friends who have the gift of healing. Alan Ames is one from Austrialia. For a long time I promoted him here in Washington and therefore I complied the letters from persons who had received healings or family members.
They were endless. Father Robert deGrandis is another. Both have books out. Both travel around the world and have healing services. Alan Ames has a website (Probably deGrandis as well)The website for Alan I know has his travel schedule. It would be worth it to go if he comes to a church near by. His story is amazing. He was a big time sinner and the Lord appeared to him. Heis called the modern day St.Paul. I will contact you with the website. I will also see when he might come to North Andover.

We keep you and yours in our prayers. I will be back in touch. Don't forget St. Gerard who is powerful with God as well as St. Faustina, St. Philomena,the child
saint who nothing can be refused is really powerful with God.
Love, Missy and Lewis Smith

Lori Hand Jankowski

Dear Ed & family,
Marjorie Smith Marr forwarded your site onto me. I am so moved by your story and Jack's life. He's truly an inspiration!
You and your whole family will be in our daily prayers!
With love,
Lori & family

cooki thier

Hope the weather in Boston is better than it was when we visited the Miller's last week. Thinking of you. Cooki in Cincinnati

Grandpa&Grandma Lynch

We love you guys and can't wait to see you. Jack; give mom,dad,Aidan, and Nanna Linda a big kiss for us. You are the greatest!

Heidi Kilcoyne

I am very happy to hear that Jack is home! I hope he has been enjoying all of the pictures and cards from the kids at St. Micheal School! There are more to come! Best Wishes, Heidi Kilcoyne

JoAnn Cooperstein

I'm glad to hear things are going okay. We want you to know you are in out thoughts and prayers. see you in the neighborhood. joann cooperstein

Andrea Nagy

Love you!

Cathy and Maddy Lewis

Hey Lynch Family, we missed you on Sunday!! Hope all is well. Give us a call. YOUR HOME....Hurray, and only down the street from us. May God's arms be wrapped tightly around you!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa Fitzpatrick

I don't know what to say. It will be hard to get back into work right now. So glad to hear the positive news about Jack coming home. Hopefully your lives will return to some kind of normalcy. Know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers and that you have my "wheels turning" with ideas about helping in some way. Love, T.

Mike Greene

Hello! I am a friend of Ed Sr. and live in Southern California with my family. Our prayers go out to your family for Jack's speedy recovery. This journey you are taking will provide the entire family with a renewed inner strength. Let us know how Jack is doing! Best wishes for the future!!

The Hanousek Family

>Way to go, Jack! You are teaching all those who supposedly are teaching and
>helping you just what the real meanining of life is all about....and so
>well you continue to do that. Know the Hanousek Family in St. Paul holds
>you close...we know Grandma Linda is doing one sensational job with your
>little bro' and assisting your Mom and Dad.....just keep on trucking,
>Little Champ, keep fighting this disease and keep on cheering the Red
>Sox.......Love and prayers, the Hanousek Family

Eileen Ward

So glad that you and your little man are home!

Penny Freeman

Friend of Chris and Stacey Kirchenheiter. My 5 year old son has neurofibromatosis (NF type 1), and non-malignant tumors intercranial and abdominal. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Lilia Heras

Peggy just told me about your strong Jack, I don't have words to express my feelings for you after reading for all you have been through but I can tell you that I love you all, and that you are in my prayers.

Ann and Dave Miller

We love you all!!!

Dawn Ridley

Hi Lynch Family. I'm so happy Jack is going home. You remain in my thoughts and prayers, though you haven't heard from me. I will be at the DC fundraiser and would like to help out if you have a need for auction items. Take care,

Dawn Ridley

Kathleen O'Neill


cooki thier

Womderful news..... Welcome Home box to arrive @ your house this week for JACK!!!

Grandpa&Grandma Lynch

Jack, you give new meaning to Today being the first day of the rest of your life. Ed&Di give new meaning to what it means to be parents. We are so proud of all of you, the strength, hope, positive attitude in dealing with this horrible monster. Saying we are proud is a vast understatement. We are on our way Jack please tell Aidan that we can't wait to see both of you. Love, Grandpa&Grandma Lynch


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